From Griot to Supergriot

In the beginning there was a griot

In ancient time, the community evolved around a set of people forming a tribe, they use to have an appointed named griot, mbombog, guewel, gawlo and iggawen etc… whose goal was to share messages through dance, song and poetry. His wit can be devastating and his knowledge of local history formidable. Although they are popularly known as "praise storytellers", griots use their expertise for gossip, satire, or political comment while adapting the message to the audience. As time evolved, the word to mouth became insufficient and thus to spread a message, our ancestors had to. As time evolved, the word to mouth became insufficient and thus to spread a message, our ancestors had to travel - the birth of long distance communication. Human ingenuity reached a level where people started looking for ways to improve communication speed, reach and, message clarity. It led us to trasmit messages throughy smoke signals and drums.

The company is the new tribe, It needs more than a griot: a Supergriot
— Afrique Horizon Développement

Companies want their products to be the first thing a consumer thinks of when a need arises. Consistent advertising helps do this by ensuring that the company's name stays in front of potential customers, even when they may not be ready to buy at that point.

Over time, advertising can help increase a company's sales and ultimately increase its earnings year over year. This can also help attract new investors or partners, especially if a company has opportunity for expansion.

His/Her Superpowers

Eagle Eyes: Knows where your customers are

As of July 2016, around 269.000.000 people in Africa are online, according to Internet World Stats. So the old arguments that “our customers aren’t online” and “we don’t sell internationally” simply don’t hold water any longer. The internet is primarily an "inbound" marketing channel where you "pull" prospects to you, by being where they are looking for solutions.

Scientist: Provide you scientific feedback

One of the biggest headaches marketers have to deal with is the past is measurement of their Return On Investment. It’s difficult to know how successful that expensive new billboard is unless you build in a special offer with a unique identifier which only measures sales, not awareness. With online marketing, however, the ability to measure results is what makes it a science. From visitors to your website through to customer feedback, everything truly is measurable. Some people get a little carried away with measuring every move. Not every connection on a social network, every email blast you send or every blog post you write, etc is going to turn into sales. But, when your online marketing activities turn into leads, opportunities and sales, you will know exactly what activity to do again.

Fairy tell: Your company's storyteller

Everybody need a Hero to whom he/she could relate to. The Supergriot is able to mix his artistic and scientific capabilities to develop strong attraction towards your company's corporate culture. By using the right tools, he is able to market the company's ideas or image so that more and more people recognize it and become aware of the brand. He is also involved in planning the marketing strategy for specific brands or products. Because he is a griot, he knows how important it is to adapt to the target, that's why he will monitor marketing trends and customer feedback to ensure the brand meets with customer expectations.

Hathor: Makes your company looks more attractive

The supergriot generate “warm” leads, this gives your sales people a much warmer reception when they make contact with the company's target and a a result achieve much more sales. A griot is able to create content that the audience is interested in, but a supergriot do it in a bigger scale and as a matter of fact attract the digitally fluent portion of your company's online audience. Thanks to his tools, the supergriot have the power to segment your targeted market according to consumer demographics, behaviors, interactions etc...(For example, if you own a retail business, you can choose to make your online marketing campaign reach only Facebook or Google users who are residing near your city and interested in the types of clothe you are selling).

Oracle: He leads the path for future communication strategies

By using the same methods that make your online marketing measurable, the supergriot is able to collect data on your prospects that helps to analyze your customers’ typical buying cycle. Recording and mining the data helps with your overall business strategy, including specifics such as sales forecasting and merchandise planning. You wouldn’t believe how much valuable data digital marketing can retrieve for you. Want to know which of your online efforts is driving the most traffic? What users are doing on your site? Understanding the content your audience is interested in, reacting to, and engaging with is essential for any strategic inbound marketing campaign. From planning to performance reporting, the supergriot provides intelligent data for business owners and marketers.