Project Management

We understand your frustration!

As a project manager, you certainly had several ideas such as developing your network or landing to the moon. We understand that one of your biggest challenge is: creating customer value. Worry no more! From now on, with our few tips, you are going to expertly manage your project to obtain the wished on-time, on-budget and market fit results. We think that, if value is to be created and sustained, benefits need to be actively managed through the whole project life-cycle.

Let's start

  • Develop project management plan.

  • Collect requirements.

  • Define scope.

  • Create Work Breakdown Structure.

  • Define activities.

  • Sequence activities.

  • Estimate activity resources.

  • Estimate activity durations.

  • Develop schedule.

  • Estimate costs.

  • Determine budget.

  • Plan quality.

  • Develop human resource plan.

  • Plan communications.

  • Plan risk management.

  • Identify risks.

  • Perform qualitative risk analysis.

  • Perform quantitative risk analysis.

  • Plan risk responses.

  • Plan procurements.

Develop project charter:

  • project statement of work.
  • business case.

  • contract.

  • enterprise environmental factors.

  • organizational process assets

Identify stakeholders:

  • stakeholder register.

  • stakeholder management strategy.


  • Monitor and control project work.

  • Perform integrated change control.

  • Verify scope.

  • Control scope.

  • Control schedule.

  • Control costs.

  • Perform quality control.

  • Report performance.

  • Monitor and control risks.

  • Administer procurement.