Politic, sport, business, etc...are activities which need to be managed by good leaders. Good leaders are those who have the capacity to lead a team in order to acheive S.M.A.R.T goals.

Good leadership skills in well organized institutions are related to specific context and issue. We strongly recommend to managers in need of deeper leadership skills to ask themselves the following 6 questions:

  • How could I decipher organizational systems?

  • How can I see opportunity in uncertainty?

  • How can I cascade effective leadership traits throughout our organization?

  • How do I make leadership more flexible and adaptable?

  • How can we think not only for today but also for tomorrow?

  • How can we speed up decision-making and implementation?

  • How can I reward results, not just activity?

After finding answers to the question above; you, probably are going to feel related to one of the following leadership style.

In ancient egypt, the most prominent leaders were Pharaohs. According to the situation, they were able to use symbols related to the type of leadership they chose to apply.